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Let's get started!

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The first step is to assess the situation. An appointment is made for an initial visit to see the property and meet you. Here is where you tell us what you are thinking; what you like, what you don't like and what you want to achieve. We should discuss budget if you have one. After this meeting a proposal will be put together outlining your goals, describe what we'll deliver and the design fee to put it all together. 

The next step after you approve the proposal is to start the design process.

Up to three conceptual options will be created in hand-rendered plans. Each option will be thought out and presented as viable solutions. We'll set another meeting and sit down and go over each option in detail. It's often the case that pieces of each option can be compiled into a final conceptual plan. We stay in this conceptual phase until you see what you like and approve it. At this stage we should have a definitive conversation on the budget.

Once you give your approval, the construction plans will be created. These will be the plans the contractor will quote and build from. It will include all the details of the design. We'll go over these plans at the third meeting and make any adjustments or tweaks. The final approved plans will then be given to our contractor for a quote. 

Once construction starts we remain involved communicating with the contractor and with you. There are times when onsite supervision is needed. That's all included in the design proposal. If you have any questions you call us, if the contractor has question he calls us. We'll stay involved to the end. Our number one goal is your happiness with the end result. So let's get started! 

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